Virtual Platforms should focus on being able to empower individuals access to providers and services via multiple means to achieve faster, safer, personalized and convenient access to Health and Wellness.

Personalized becomes more challenging in the face of a an inefficient system which largely operates in silos and sets the field against individuals. This has worked well for providers of such services for the past many decades but with the information age and rise of mobile, individuals are taking notice of this, being able to benchmark against the other facets of life where personalization and convenience have become the main factors to drive retail, travel, banking, education etc.

Virtual Platforms can be further specialized to particular products and services but the ideal to incentivize the individual eventually should be stuck to. Efficiency is driven when most actions become measurable and eventually actionable, which needs aggregation events.

Though many providers of services in Healthcare would argue that due to various regulated and dynamic factors, aggregating information is difficult, BUT today’s technology tools are able to decentralize and democratize much more regulated and consensual industries.

Healthcare is no exception and will derive much more benefits by empowering individuals.